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The Team

Bill Gallagher


Chief Executive Officer

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Bill has been deeply involved in the sleep industry for the past 3 years as the Founder and CEO of his last company, RealSleep.  Through his experience in private equity, consumer goods, and as a founder, Bill’s passion for the research, expansion, and application of sleep technologies has allowed him to build an extensive network of executives, supply chain experts, and scientists inside and outside of the sleep space. 

Bill holds a BS from the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA. He earned his MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA. 


Michael Moore


 Chief Financial Officer

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Michael Moore is a Senior Executive with demonstrated leadership abilities to execute and deliver on the bottom-line goals developed through a Company’s strategic business plan. Michael is a pragmatic thinker who can architect a sales strategy while also being tactical and hands-on in the rollout of operational processes.


Eric H.G. Wells

Chief Operating Officer

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Eric is the Founder/COO of Deep Sleep Boost, Inc. He has worked on several projects in the life science space. Eric is an experienced CEO, COO, serial entrepreneur, strategist, and investor with experience in acquiring and managing companies.


Russel Walters


Product Development & Scientific Advisor

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Russ Walters is the Co-founder of Phenom Health and SOMN. Russ' training in chemical and biomolecular engineering, along with curiosity and experiences across a range of fields, Russ works at the interface between industry, academia, and start-ups to create new technologies that become commercial products. Russ creates tools to understand and manage the knowledge supply chain between these entities. Active in academic research, he has worked for a large multinational for over 15 years and he has been a co-founder three times. He is a prolific inventor with 20+ issued US patents and an active researcher with 30+ peer reviewed publications. 

Specialties: Sleep, Digital Health, Complex Systems, Data, Surface Science, Dermatology, Skin Care, Pediatrics, Polymer Physics, Technology Development, and Innovation Management.

Russ holds a BS, in Chemical Engineering from Lehigh University, a M.S.E, in Chemical Engineering and a PH. D, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from University of Pennsylvania.


Bryan Ziegler

Financial Advisor

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Bryan comes to Hibernate from multinational banking firm Credit Suisse. Bryan previously worked for Philadelphia-based health benefits consultant, Wellness Coaches USA, serving two different Fortune 500 companies. Bryan has advanced Hibernate through the development stage at the JLabs facility in Houston’s Texas Medical Center.


Ceili Cascarano


Business, Brand, & Product Advisor

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Ceili is a strategist and business builder with 13 years CPG & health tech experience managing established brands and emerging innovations. Start-up and Fortune 50 experience. Johnson & Johnson alum, where she served as a corporate innovation strategist to identify and assess products, technologies, and business models for investment and growth; experience as a commercial leader and P&L owner for LISTERINE® and TYLENOL. Ceili received her MBA from Emory.

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